Ambient Weather WS-5000 Ultrasonic Smart Weather Station Review

Whether you aspire to become a meteorologist or simply want to monitor wind direction, chance of rainfall, indoor/outdoor temperature, and other parameters, investing in a weather station is a wise choice.

After doing a bit of research, we found the Ambient Weather WS-5000 Ultrasonic Smart Weather Station to offer the most value for the given price. It is highlighted by an accurate weather sensor and the ability to work with Alexa, Google Home, and IFTT.

To help you determine if it is the right product for your needs, we’ve prepared a thorough article covering its main features, interface, and potential downsides. Let’s get to it!

Ambient Weather WS-5000 Ultrasonic Smart Weather Station

Manufactured by the leading name in this sphere, Ambient Weather, it comes in two different variants – with and without the rain cup. Apart from the fact that the former is set at a higher price and will allow you to collect rainwater, there aren’t any differences. The station itself is solar-powered and operates with four AA batteries.

Its main feature is the all-in-one sensor which will update you on any weather changes every five minutes. Unlike most of its competitors, the WS-5000 is simple to install and has no moving or dynamic parts. In addition to that, it can be controlled with Alexa, Google Home, and most conveniently, you can share all the gathered data with a worldwide Ambient Weather community (through enhanced Wi-Fi).

Who Is This Product for?

Firstly, it is a great product for anyone who is enthusiastic about meteorology and wants to create their own social feed with accurate forecasts and shared weather conditions. Additionally, if you are one of those who are skeptical about the official weather forecasts, this product would also benefit you.

What’s Included?

The main part of this product is the ultrasonic sensor array that is responsible for measuring weather conditions indoors and outdoors. Along with it comes a Thermo-hygrometer-barometer and a readable TFT full-color LCD. Not to forget a rain cup in case you’ve decided on the pricier Ambient Weather kit.

Last but not least, a detailed user’s guide featuring all the necessary instructions for installing and getting the most out of this product. Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn’t include the AA batteries, so it is something that you will need to get separately.

Overview of Features

The highlighting point of this product is the ultrasonic anemometer that features no moving parts and is able to measure the wind direction/speed much better than your regular wind cup. An important part of the sophisticated design is the TFT display that you can either mount on a wall or install in a freestanding position.

It features a light and a dark mode, and it automatically adjusts the screen brightness based on what time of the day it is. One of the most remarkable points is that you can connect additional displays to it and thus create a setup that professional meteorologists would be impressed with.

The parameters displayed on the screen include weather forecast, wind speed/direction, sunrise, sunset, and the moon phase, as well as dew, “feels like temperature”, and gust! All of the parameters come with a historical timestamp that you can export to an SD card.

When it comes to the ultrasonic sensor array, it features a radiation shield, a solar panel, and a bubble level. These three items work together to ensure that the setup process is simple and that you are getting the most accurate results.

The feature that we were most impressed by, apart from the ability to control Weather WS-5000 with Google Home and Alexa, is the Ambient Weather weather data network. As long as you are connected to Wi-Fi, you will be able to present your forecast results in the form of graphs, dials, and text reports to a worldwide community.

The only issue that we have is that the anemometer cup feels a bit cheap. Still, for the given price and the fact that you are getting professional accuracy, it is a worthy product!

How to Use it

The first step is to mount the ultrasonic sensor array to a pole that is between 1.25” and 2” in diameter. If you’ve invested in the kit that includes the extra-large rain cup, you should place it on the ground and near the sensor to ensure enhanced accuracy. As mentioned above, the monitor can be freestanding or mounted on the wall.

Any of the collected data will be automatically transmitted to the TFT LCD. If you want to impress everyone in the Ambient Weather community, investing in additional sensors such as soil meters and air quality sensors is a great decision.


  • Features an ultrasonic sensor array
  • Includes a TFT LCD that is simple to read
  • Offers professional accuracy
  • Data can be exported to an SD card/online community
  • Simple to use


  • Anemometer cup feels cheap


Logia 5-in-1 Wi-Fi Weather Station

If you are on a limited budget but want to invest in an accurate weather monitoring system, this Logia 5-in-1 Wi-Fi weather station is the right choice. It tracks data such as temperature, humidity, the chance of rainfall, wind direction and speed, and offers innovative features such as alarms and alerts for certain weather changes.

It can be integrated with a mobile app, and similar to Ambient Weather, you can transmit any of the logged data to an online weather monitoring community.

Wrap Up

If you are interested in weather forecasts and want professional accuracy, then the Ambient Weather WS-5000 Weather Station is an ideal choice. Apart from the fact that the anemometer cup could be sturdier, this product is simple to use, covers a wide array of parameters, and most importantly, allows you to create your own forecasting feed!