KALEVOL Weather Station Review

A domestic weather station presents you with outstanding convenience. Before venturing outside, you get timely alerts of rainfall, temperature, and other weather aspects. Usually, the devices are assembled in two parts, with a collection of sensors sitting outside while the display lies indoors. However, aside from this elemental composition, there is a wide array of domestic weather stations available, with various considerable features for you to pick from.

Your weather station of choice should give you essential data on precipitation and temperature, among other prevailing local weather conditions. Nonetheless, some models might lack some essential features you might require. Therefore, we tested the KALEVOL Weather Station and compiled the review below to give you an idea of what you get with it.

Keep reading to see what this weather station has on offer to determine if it is the right unit for your needs and preferences.

KALEVOL Weather Station

The KALEVOL home weather station is a wireless indoor and outdoor thermometer capable of monitoring humidity, barometric index, and temperature. The data can be helpful for conveniently learning about humidity and temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, you can schedule your travel well in advance with its weather forecast feature, implying that abrupt weather deterioration will not significantly disturb your itinerary. This multifunction station will be your ultimate smart weather guide.

Who is this product for?

The KALEVOL Weather Station is instrumental in picking the ideal dates for future events to ensure no unexpected weather conditions, like rainstorms, cancel the party. Though you can get a general prediction from the weather forecast, you will have more accurate real-time data with this weather station.

With the provision to connect a maximum of three sensors, monitoring and recording of humidity and temperature data of three different places is possible. You may opt to place it on a single channel or utilize the loop mode for three locations as per your needs. Therefore, this weather station is for you if you are keen on conveniently obtaining timely and accurate humidity and temperature data.

What’s included?

  • Weather station (colored display)
  • DC adapter
  • Indoor and outdoor thermometer with wireless remote sensor

Overview of Features

The KALEVOL Wireless Weather Station features three outdoor and indoor general channels. Depending on your requirements, you can place the sensor in your location of choice, like the bedroom, living room, porch, or garage. Additionally, its wireless hygrometer and thermometer have an open space transmission range of 200 feet. Please ensure that standard signal transmission is possible.

This station’s large display (7.5″) has excellent color matching and display content that lets you read outdoor and indoor humidity and temperature data. The display also shows weather fluctuations, moon phases, an atmospheric pressure index, a comfort indicator, the date, a yard clock, and a temperature alarm. The weather station also features a separate USB port located toward its side. The port lets you charge a mobile phone easily and quickly without using extra sockets in your house, hence greater space utilization and organization.

The station can correctly forecast weather fluctuations for the next 12 hours using the data returned from the humidity and temperature monitors. The humidity and temperature monitors receive their data from the outdoor sensors, thereby helping you plan your schedule in advance and with greater accuracy.

There are two means of powering the KALEVOL weather station. While on Power Supply Mode, there are four variable screen brightness options. On the other hand, the screen lights up after touching the top and automatically turns off 15 seconds later to conserve power when on Battery-Powered Mode.

When plugged in, the device automatically searches for Wwvb Signal at all 1:00 / 2:00 / 3:00 a.m., and following a reset, the screen turns dark for approximately seven minutes. Your weather forecasting is significantly enhanced with the air pressure monitoring feature. You can carry the weather station for camping or RV trips and change your itinerary whenever per the weather forecast trends and air pressure shift.

The atomic clock with calendar and alarm feature in this weather station is more than just a wireless outdoor and indoor hygrometer and thermometer. It also features an alarm clock functionality. With this atomic clock with outdoor and indoor temperature monitoring capability and calendar, your life will be more regular.

This weather station also features a temperature alert feature. Temperature alert is allowed by setting low and high-temperature limits. Upon the temperature exceeding the setpoint, you will receive an alert reminding you to change your plans accordingly and timely.

How to use it

To set up the remote and station, remove the batteries from both units and unplug the power cable. Wait for about 10 minutes, then insert the batteries into the weather station and switch it on. Finally, place the remote batteries into the remote and allow up to three minutes to connect to your weather station. Ensure that the remote and station are close together during this procedure, although you can separate them to a maximum of 200 feet following the procedure.


  • You can record readings from three different points simultaneously
  • Setting up the station is simple
  • Easy-to-read display
  • The display is backlit, allowing one to see readings at varying times of day clearly


  • The package does not include backup batteries
  • Variation in some sensor accuracy shows different readings even when placed side by side


Ambient Weather WS-2902C Smart Weather Station

For a domestic weather station that exceeds the potential of ordinary stations, get the Alexa-compatible Ambient Weather model.

Alongside the fundamentals such as temperature, precipitation, time, and date, this weather station displays wind direction and speed, as well as solar and UV radiation. It also shows the humidity, wind chill, dew point, and heat index, all on an easy-to-read display.


The KALEVOL Weather Station is your solution if you are searching for the right combination of functionality and value. This weather station takes convenience and multi-functionality to the next level thanks to its ability to accommodate up to three sensors that you can position at various points around your home or business.

You get weather measurements like temperature and humidity in an easy-to-read backlit display. Revolutionize your weather monitoring and recording with KALEVOL and never struggle with inclement weather again.