La Crosse Technology S82950-INT WIFI Review

Typically, the weather reports you receive from a weather application are derived from stations far away from your current location. As a result, you could end up having considerable discrepancies in the reports than the actual conditions on the ground. For this reason, you should think about having a weather station at home.

An ideal home weather station can do what might be impossible through smartphone apps. Such a station can tell you precisely what is happening with the weather at your farm, home, business, or school in real-time. This is accomplished by measuring atmospheric conditions like relative humidity, temperature, rainfall, barometric pressure, wind direction, and wind speed.

The station also utilizes internet connectivity, enabling you to monitor the current weather conditions from any place and relay the information to other interested parties.

Now, you do not have to depend on that limited weather application on your phone. With the La Crosse Technology S82950-INT WiFi, you can discover what is really happening with the weather outside, thanks to this revolutionary and dedicated home weather station. Learn more about it below.

La Crosse Technology S82950-INT WIFI Review

La Crosse Technology presents you with various entry-level weather stations, but the S82950-INT WiFi is among our top-rated weather stations. With it, you have the bare minimum of weather readings, outdoor and indoor humidity, and temperature, together with the barometric pressure trends and weather forecast.

Its display is easy to read and there is a brightness adjustment option. Additionally, you can set up customized humidity and temperature alerts and quickly see the daily maximum and minimum readings from this console.

Who is this product for?

The S82950-INT is an excellent weather station for you if you are searching for the basics of a weather station – humidity, temperature, and the weather to expect, all in real-time. Through it, you do not have to be misled by the smartphone apps that occasionally do not cross the accurate weather reading of your surroundings.

What’s included?

In the packages, you also receive:

  • Wireless sensors with an extended transmission range
  • Easy to use LED display
  • A power cord (5.0 Volts)
  • CR2032 batteries

Overview of Features

This product is an expert weather station with wind and rain measurement capabilities and an added display as a bonus. What is the prevailing wind speed around your home? Should you be covering your plants? Be prepared for whatever the weather might bring your way with this revolutionary WiFi wind and weather station.

The station offers comprehensive home conditions and weather information fed to you via an easy-to-read display. It has backyard sensors that boast a transmission range of 400 feet. In addition, setting up the station to ensure that you receive your required data is easy.

We are familiar with the havoc a windy day can cause to your home and surroundings. This instrument works to let you know the prevailing wind speeds. It sends notifications to ensure the safety of your patio furniture and hanging baskets.

You might be worried about frost; however, you have nothing to worry about with this device. By just setting HI/LO temperature notifications, you are informed when you should move your outdoor plants inside.

The device does not guarantee safety only in your backyard. It offers you the chance to see real-time home weather situations and alerts you to make the necessary changes for the extended comfort of you and your family.

If you wish to get even more from the weather station, you can take it a level higher with the La Crosse View app. Through the app, you remain updated every time and anywhere. Monitor the weather conditions around your home and set notifications for oncoming adverse conditions to take the necessary measures straight from the palm of your hands. Set customized notifications to get push notifications, share important data with family and friends, and check weather history records.

Upon connection to the La Crosse View app, the station displays the forecasted Highs and Lows of the day, probability of precipitation, and extra forecast icons, presenting you with a more informative report from AccuWeather for your particular location.

An hourly and daily forecast button is included on the station’s display, letting you see all the data from the bright LCD. If you are reluctant to get the La Crosse View app, you can still enjoy using the station. These enhancement features are optional and the station can adequately function as a sole unit even without connection to the app.

Another excellent feature of the station is the system provision of a water leak sensor. Now, you do not have to worry about going on a vacation only to come back and realize your basement is flooded. The station lets you know of a drip before it escalates to flooding using the added water leak sensor.

With the La Crosse View app, you can detect ambient temperature and get push alerts on water detection. This feature is particularly impressive for your bathroom, laundry room, basement, or wherever it is prone to leak around your home. You can tailor this system for your particular needs with extra rain and temperature sensors. The app lets you expand the system and modify it to fit your requirements.

How to Use It

Put the power cord into your wall socket and then connect it to the station. Free the CR2032 battery positioned at the bottom of the weather station from the insulation tab to keep the date and time in the event of power outages.
Insert the power cord into a wall outlet, then into your station. Remove the insulation tab from the CR2032 battery installed in the bottom of your weather station to maintain time/date in the event of a power outage.


  • Position the station close to an outlet. It would help if you had a power cord to operate.
  • Using the mounting holes located at the back, place the station on your wall.
  • You can place it on a counter or desk using the pull-down stand found at the back of the station.
  • The station should be maintained within a close WiFi range to your wireless router to capitalize on every remote monitoring option using the app.


  • Free app available
  • A temperature/water sensor is included to send notifications on water detection
  • It can be used without the app
  • Provides real-time weather of your surroundings


  • Display issues with the wind direction
  • Forgets barometric pressure on power loss


La Crosse Technology V10-TH-INT V10-TH Wireless WiFi Weather Station

The station is available with 5 AA batteries and has a sleek case design. It also connects to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for automatic time and date settings.


With the La Crosse Technology S82950-INT WiFi, you get comprehensive weather, wind, and home conditions updates on a convenient LCD. You also get a background sensor with a wireless transmission range of 400 feet. By setting HI/LO alerts, you can make the necessary adjustments according to prevailing conditions. Be prepared for whatever the weather brings with this versatile station.