Sainlogic Professional WiFi Weather Station Review

Have you ever begun planning a camping trip only to be surprised by a storm out of the blue? If you have, you probably know the frustration of having to wait for the storm to peter out, but you might not have had to do this if you had invested in a home weather station.

There are many great options out there that utilize multiple power sources and smart technology. If you have been looking at them, you probably ran across the Sainlogic Professional WiFi Weather Station. Below, we will take an in-depth look at that product and hope we can help you decide whether it’s the right option for you.

Sainlogic Professional WiFi Weather Station

This weather station offers its users immersive weather data. The unit is designed to track the rain gauge, the weather forecast, the wind, and other metrics so that you can make sure you have an accurate idea of what the weather is going to be like. It uses a solar-powered battery, and it’s outfitted with a high-quality LCD screen. There are many great features and benefits when it comes to this product so let’s take a closer look at them.

Who is this Product for?

This weather station is perfect for anyone who wants to watch what’s going on outside. Whether that’s because you’re looking to plan a trip or you have a business that can be greatly affected by the weather, when it comes down to looking at the features and benefits of this weather station, though, the person that lives rurally or has a business that is affected by weather is probably going to get the most out of this weather station.

Of course, they can’t live too rural because it is a WiFi station, meaning decent internet access is required. Investing in this professional weather station could be a good idea for those who live on the outskirts of major cities but still enjoy the rural lifestyle.

What’s Included?

When you finally decide to purchase the Sainlogic Professional WiFi Weather Station, you will find the following items in the box:

  • Base station w/ stand
  • Outdoor/ multi-sensor with mounting material
  • 5V adapter
  • Operating manual

Overview of Features

Starting from its high-quality LCD screen, this unit is designed to give you access to tons of information that can help you in your everyday life. This weather station is a wireless weather monitor that tracks everything from the temperature to the humidity to the moon’s phases. The unit is also equipped to be set up with alarms to ensure you are getting the information you need when you need it. This is all thanks to the WiFi remote monitoring display base station. This is a tablet-shaped accessory that you can place anywhere in your home.

As for the outdoor sensor, there is a five-in-one option deck consisting of a rain funnel, solar paddle, and a transmission module along with a wind vane and a high speed and anemometer. All of these tools transmit real-time information to the base station monitor. The assembly of this weather station is simple as the unit comes with easily read instructions.

There are a lot of great features when it comes to this weather station from Sainlogic. For us, one of the best is that it uses integrated sensors that have a wide range of data that can be captured. This allows for a more comprehensive analysis of the weather in regards to whatever you are looking for.

So no matter whether you’re monitoring the weather to ensure a good harvest or so that your trip stays on track, you will be able to access it at any time. Also, the factory uses a high-definition full-color LCD screen which will help with the visibility of the information no matter how good of eyesight you’re dealing with.

Though the WiFi may automatically connect to the remote sensor and allow immediate data transfer, there is still one major issue. The actual initial installation can be challenging if you’ve never set up anything like this. It just takes a little time and patience, but some people may have an issue with the difficulty of the initial setup.

How to Use It

When it comes to using the weather station, the biggest hurdle is always the setup. You want to make sure that you understand how to set up the right measurements, turn off or on any alarms that you were looking at, and understand all the rest of the settings to ensure you’re getting proper readings.

If you’re looking to set up your Sainlogic weather station, then you might want to check out this video.


If you like to control all your technology from one place, you might want to look at another weather station. The option we have been looking at integrates with an app but is not controllable by smart assistants or third-party apps. For those looking for that, we have found a great alternative weather station.

Ambient Weather WS-2902 WiFi Smart Weather Station

This Ambient Weather WS-2902 WiFi Smart Weather Station has the capability of being paired with both Alexa and Google Assistant, which will allow the owner to have access to real-time metrics and information. Along with being integrated with your smart home devices, you can also set up applets through the IFTTT.

On top of that amazing feature of this weather station, it’s designed with an easy-to-read LCD and a wireless all-in-one sensor array that measures everything from wind speed to solar radiation. During setup, you’re able to choose whether you want imperial or metric units, and with its enhanced WiFi connectivity, you will be able to keep up with the ever-changing weather in real-time.


The Sainlogic Professional WiFi Weather Station offers its user a wealth of data that will allow them to plan whatever task they are looking to plan. With all the information and easily accessed metrics, this professional weather station is a great investment.