Smart Gear Weather Station – Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Weather Station

Smart Gear makes several types of products but they aren’t well-known for their weather stations or weather station accessories.

So, we’re going to check out the Smart Gear Weather Station today and give our review of it. Can it live up to the other weather brands with bigger names?

Who Is This Product For?

The Smart Gear Weather Station is for anyone who’s just getting into the intricacies of weather and temperature. If you’re a newbie, this weather station will be easy to use.

This weather station gives you the basic information and makes it easy to understand but it’s not feature heavy and there’s no real connectivity to other programs.

If you’re more advanced, you won’t find this that this weather station has all the information you expect from a pricier weather station and sensor.

It seems a bit expensive for a lack of features and not being made of a stronger plastic.

When you purchase this weather station you get a display, a sensor, a 5-volt adapter, and an instruction manual.

If you’re looking to mount your display or sensor, you’ll need to purchase a mounting kit separately from the weather station.

The tablet display requires 3 AAA batteries and the sensor requires 2 AAA batteries to run. Batteries are not included.

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Colorful Display Tablet


The Smart Gear weather station tablet display is LCD and uses dynamic colors so the screen is easy to read and easy to navigate.

This display will accurately show you exactly what the sensor is picking up. This includes the time, the temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and more.

It will let you know the weather predictions every morning, afternoon, and evening. It even has a nice little picture display that shows whether it’s sunny or cloudy.

Plus, the display is back-lit which is helpful for those with bad eyesight.

This weather station display is measured at 4.25 inches by 2.75 inches. It states it has a wireless range of up to 200 feet.

One unique aspect of this weather station display is that it includes a USB port. You can charge your cell phone or anything else that uses a USB port just with the display.

Another feature that makes this display stand out is that you can set an alarm, whether it’s to wake you up in the morning or to remind you to do something during the day. Plus, there’s a snooze button!

You can mount this weather station display or set it on the table since it folds out.

Durable Sensor for Indoor and Outdoor Temperature

The sensor to the Smart Gear weather station is made to be durable and weather-resistant, claiming it lasts and gets an accurate reading of the weather.

You can mount it anywhere in your home or outside for accurate readings of temperature, humidity, heat index, dew point

It just has to be within 200 feet of your weather station display so it can accept the data that’s transmitted wirelessly.

What Are Others Saying About the Smart Gear Weather Station?

We had to go through the customer reviews to see what buyers thought of this Smart Gear Weather Station.

We won’t lie to you. There are very mixed reviews about the Smart Gear weather station. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth the high price.


  • People love how easy it is to read the tablet display since it’s LCD.
  • The graphics are amazing on this weather station display.
  • The white color of the tablet display and sensor make it fit in any room.
  • It has all the basic features expected from a weather station.
  • Some people love that they can use it as an alarm clock and even hit “snooze” as many times as they need to.


  • Many people have reported that it’s not as accurate as it’s advertised.
  • It can be difficult to set up everything in the weather station.
  • When you mount the tablet display, the back-lit screen doesn’t seem to work when it’s using batteries. It makes it hard to read and you have to tilt the screen at an angle. The back-lit screen only seems to work when it’s powered by being plugged into the wall.
  • The plug port for the screen is located on the side of the tablet display instead of on the back of it. It’s not very aesthetic.
  • The sensor eats up the batteries and you’re constantly replacing them.
  • For some reason, quite a few people have complained about the alarm automatically going off without setting it and having issues trying to turn the alarm off.
  • There’s no way to calibrate the sensor which makes it hard to always get accurate temperature and weather readings. It always seems to be off by more than a couple of degrees. For most, it’s over 5 degrees off compared to other weather stations or local weather reports.
  • A few people have had to repeatedly replace the sensors. Despite being advertised as weather-resistant, a handful of people had their sensor damaged from rainfall.
  • A few have had to return the entire weather station because it didn’t last long at all.
  • Despite the advertisement saying that you can be within 200 feet of your sensor and still get a reading, you have to be within only 10 feet.
  • Customer service was lacking when a few tried to get help with their weather station issues. It’s also difficult to find ways to contact them since there seems to be no website.

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The Bottom Line

There are pros and cons to purchasing this weather station. We personally wouldn’t recommend such an expensive weather station with such a few features.