Tempest Weather System Review

If you are interested in knowing what to expect from the weather, the Tempest weather system will give you what you asked for. With brand new technology for measuring the different aspects of the weather, you have a complete package in this weather system.

We will take a look at the different features included in the weather system from WeatherFlow to see what it has to offer. It will be great to know what the weather will be like in advance, and this system will provide that and more.

So, let’s see what this unit can do for the amateur weather forecaster so you can be prepared.

Tempest Weather System Review

This very easy-to-use weather system from WeatherFlow features a complete AI package for weather forecasting to make your life easier. This system is your smart home AI weatherman that will give you everything you need to know what the weather will be.

It will update every three seconds to keep you informed of all your weather and temperature questions. All the data your system collects will be sent to Weatherflow and used to upgrade the accuracy of their weather forecast system.

Who Is the Tempest Weather System For?

This is first and foremost a great system to use by the smart home enthusiast and for those who just want to know. It is fantastic for those people who are very dependent on the weather forecast, like joggers and other outdoor sportsmen.

If you are an AIR and SKY owner, this weather system will seamlessly integrate with it to enhance your experience. This weather system will also be a great addition to farmers who need to know what the weather will be in their area.

Everybody else who needs to know the weather forecast and anything else regarding the weather will benefit from it.

What Is Included

Included in this package, you will get your Tempest weather system unit with everything you need to install it completely. Also included in the package is the lithium-ion battery required to power the unit to stay online all the time.

The user guide and installation manual can be downloaded from the website and includes all the product information you need. You also get a free app that can be used for Android and iOS systems for quick and easy access anytime.

Also included with the system is a personal weather page where you have access to all the data from the system. The mounting socket and screw for attaching are also included for a quick and easy mounting option.

Overview Of Features

This unit boasts many great features included to make your weather monitoring so much easier and more convenient for a great user experience.

The Tempest weather system works with all the popular AI systems like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and more. It will also measure the speed of the wind and the direction, then give you an average on the speed and gust information.

There is an easy-to-use, free app that is compatible with both Android and iOS systems that you will need to download to get access to all your information. The free weather page will provide you with all the data you need from your system.

You have a long-range of up to 1,000 feet wireless connectivity for quick and easy access. The continuous learning system will keep your unit calibrated and up to date all the time. With the system, you will have outdoor and feels-like temperatures at your disposal.

Other measurements you have is the dew point and humidity. The speed of the wind, average speeds, and gusts information, together with wind direction, is also available.

When lightning strikes, you will know about it for up to 25 miles away and it will show you the distance. Furthermore, wet-bulb temperatures and wind chill are also measured by this unit.

Solar radiation, UV index, and brightness of the sun is also measured by this unit. You will also receive real-time weather alerts sent to your phone to keep you updated.

How To Use It

This weather system has three ways you can install it. This includes mounting it on a tripod or using the screw to tie it down. You can also mount it on a pole with the mounting option included if you want it a bit higher.

You will find the mounting options fairly easy to use, which can be done in only a few minutes.

  • First, you need to plug the hub in so it can be powered up; keep it in a safe but easily accessible location.
  • Now you can twist off the attached mount at the bottom of the weather system unit and turn the switch on.
  • Download the Tempest weather app from the app store and follow the steps for a complete setup.
  • The next step is to find the right spot to mount and an open space where the wind is not blocked is good.
  • By using a compass, point the arrow at the back of the device towards true north.
  • Once it is installed, it will start giving you data from the unit.

Watch this video to see how to set it up in only 5 minutes.


  • Very easy to use and to setup
  • Can be integrated into a smart home setup
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Provides very accurate readings


  • This system is a bit pricey
  • It cannot be upgraded


An alternative option to the Tempest weather system is the Netatmo indoor and outdoor weather station with a much lower price tag attached to it. It comes with all the wireless options and many great features included to keep your weather forecast up to date.

This unit is also compatible with all the popular AI systems such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Amazon Echo, and many more. It also includes a handy seven-day weather forecast while you receive real-time notifications on your smartphone.


This is a great system that everyone who needs to know the weather must-have to keep you up to date all the time. With this unit located around your home or business, you will never be without the correct information, so don’t be caught without your AI weatherman.