The Weather Clock Handbook – How to Choose the Best One

When looking for the right weather clock, you want something that’s high quality and something that works for your needs.

With all the products on the internet these days, it can be hard to wade through the junk (and cheaply made) weather clocks to find one that does what it’s meant to do.

So, we created this weather clock handbook so you how to choose the best weather clock without getting scammed.

Plus, we’ll share our 2 favorite weather clocks of 2019!

What Is a Weather Clock?

A weather clock is just as it sounds. It’s an advanced alarm clock with features that allow you to check the weather and the temperature of your bedroom and sometimes even outside if they include a sensor.

These clocks come in handy when you have to be up early in the morning for work but you don’t have time to check your weather station or you simply don’t want (or have) your own weather station.

Weather clocks are great for everyone, whether you just need to know the weather for what to wear or you like to know all the intricacies of what’s going on for a night of better night sleep.

How to Choose the Best Weather Clock

You’re probably wondering how to pick out the best weather clock. We’ll go over the main features and qualities that make superb weather clocks.

Screen Features

The screen is the first thing you deal with when it comes to a weather clock. A screen full of graphics and dynamic colors are usually of higher quality compared to a weather clock with black digital numbers that can fade out over time.

If it’s an LCD display, you’re going to want to make sure it has a back-light. This makes the screen brighter and reading your clock easier on your eyes.

A nice added feature is auto-dimming that adjusts the back-light to the light around it or dims it when it hasn’t been used for a while. This saves power, whether it runs off AC power or batteries.

Clock Features

Of course, the clock feature is just as important as another feature since these products are clocks first and weather stations second.

A clock should be accurate when it comes to time. The higher quality the clock, it can read your location and adjust to the time as needed without you having to set it.

Another fantastic clock feature is when it can automatically change with Daylight Saving Time so your clock is never off and you don’t have to change it yourself.

Some of these advanced weather clocks give you a variety of alarm and snooze options too so you can optimize your alarm for a good morning.

Weather Features

If you want a simple clock that lets you know the temperature, that’s fine and it will save you money.

But if you want a little more to your weather clock, pay attention to the advertised weather features.

The higher-priced weather clocks will notify you of both the humidity and the temperature in your room.

Knowing your surroundings lets you adjust the temperature in your room to what’s comfortable for you.

Some even include a sensor so your weather clock can tell you the humidity and temperature outside before stepping foot out of your home.

It definitely helps if your weather clock is able to self-calibrate itself when it’s not running right.

Our Favorite Weather Clocks of 2019

We picked our 2 favorite weather clocks of 2019 that will make your morning easier and brighter.

AcuRite Intelli-Time Weather Alarm Clock

  • AcuRite’s Intelli-Time Weather Clock can automatically set the time and date by your location. It also automatically updates when Daylight Saving Time comes around, saving you the trouble.
  • This weather clock runs on AC power but uses batteries as backup power.
  • The alarm clock can remember the time and date even if power is interrupted.
  • It will tell let you know both the humidity and temperature of your bedroom through a sensor inside the alarm clock.
  • You can choose to display the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, depending on your preference and where you live.
  • To let you know how the temperature of your bedroom will affect your sleep, it has a home comfort icon.
  • It also shows the phases of the moon.
  • The alarm volume slowly gets louder in a 2-minute time span so you aren’t just awakened by a loud beeping.
  • It even includes a useful integrated USB port so you can charge your phone overnight.

For more pricing information, click on this link.

SMARTPRO Projection Alarm Clock and Weather Station

  • SMARTPRO’s Projection Alarm Clock and Weather Station allows you to project the time and temperature on your wall or ceiling in a soft easy to see red. This feature is really fun to use.
  • The projector can be tilted all the way to 180 degrees so you can angle it to what works best for you.
  • The screen has an adjustable back-lit dimmer so it uses a brighter light during the day and can be adjusted to a dimmer light at night.
  • You can set 2 alarms and even set them to be repeated for certain days so you don’t have to set your alarm clock every night.
  • Like a normal weather station, this projection alarm clock includes a sensor that you can use outside or inside for accurate temperature and humidity readings.
  • The sensor has a transmission range of up to 200 feet away from the alarm clock.
  • You can connect up to 3 sensors to this alarm clock.
  • It can even predict the weather and humidity for up to 12 hours ahead.

For more pricing information, click on this link.

The Bottom Line

We hope this handbook helps you in purchasing the perfect weather clock for your home. We just had to share our 2 favorite high-quality weather clocks with you.