AcuRite Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer – Digital Weather Thermometer with Indoor-Outdoor Sensor

The AcuRite Digital Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer has been on our radar for some time now. With AcuRite being a big name in the personal weather station field, we expect a fantastic thermometer out of them.

So, let’s check out the ins and outs of the AcuRite Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer. We’ll also go over what customers are saying about their thermometers and their experiences.

Who Is This Product For?

This AcuRite Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer stands out from other thermometers since it includes a sensor for both the inside thermometer and a separate sensor to monitor the temperature outside. This ensures that you are able to measure the temperature accurately from one device.

The overall function of this thermometer is to measure the indoor and outdoor temperature. This device is budget-friendly and is for people who are most interested in measuring the temperature and do not need other information such as humidity or barometric pressure. If you’re looking for a thermometer that’s super accurate and tells you everything you want to know about the basics of the weather, you’ll love this AcuRite thermometer.

When you buy this thermometer you also get a sensor and an easy to read the instruction manual that will guide you through everything you need to know.

Unfortunately, if you want to mount your thermometer you will have to purchase a mounting kit separately.

This thermometer comes with a 1-year warranty.

The thermometer display takes 2 AA batteries and the sensor takes 2 AA batteries as well. Batteries are not included with the thermometer.

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LCD Display


The AcuRite Digital Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer has an easy to read LCD display that uses a bold black for the numbers.

This device is sleek and can fit anywhere you want it, even in your back pocket. It comes in either black or white.

The display is measured at 4.3 inches by 2.5 inches. It’s 1.4 inches deep.

This thermometer display reads from the sensor. It tells you the current indoor and outdoor temperature and allows you to view the highs and lows for either the past 12 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours, 48 hours, and over the entire time you own it.

When reading the temperature, the thermometer displays trend arrows. These arrows let you know if the temperature is rising, if it’s falling, or if it’s staying the same.

The display can read the wireless sensor data from up to 165 feet away. It helps you find the best place for your sensor for the most accurate temperature reading.

The wireless technology means that you can only match with one sensor which is included with the thermometer.

The AcuRite thermometer can be mounted to a wall or you can display it on a table since the back folds out to hold it upright.



The sensor to the AcuRite thermometer is weather resistant. It’s also super durable and claims it can withstand almost all the elements thrown at it.

It has a built-in precision thermistor. The thermistor is created to accurately record 2-zone temperatures and weather conditions.

For the outside temperature, it reads all the way down to -40 degrees and up to 158 degrees.

For the indoor temperature, it reads all the way down to 32 degrees and all the way up to 122 degrees.

It sends data to your display every 30 seconds so you’re always able to measure the temperature.

The sensor is compact and wireless so it can fit almost anywhere. It also has an integrated mounting hole so you can hang it anywhere in your backyard.

This sensor is super easy to install and connect wirelessly to the thermometer.

What Are Others Saying About the AcuRite Digital Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer?

So, it’s time to go over what customers are saying about AcuRite’s Digital Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer. We’ll go over the good and the bad of this wireless thermometer as stated by buyers.

Despite the few detailed negative reviews, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive.


  • The LCD screen is super easy to read, even if you have bad eyesight. Many remark that they can see the readings quite a distance away due to it’s bold and big black numbers.
  • The instructions are easy to follow and easy to understand.
  • It gives you way more information about the temperature in your home and outside your home versus other digital thermometers.
  • All it takes to set up is to add batteries and then position the sensor where you want it.
  • The thermometer is wireless and compact so it can easily be moved around your house as needed. You can take temperature readings from quite a distance.
  • It’s a great deal to get both a thermometer and sensor for the price.


  • The sensor doesn’t always record the outdoor temperature as accurately as it records the inside temperature.
  • Some dislike that for the indoor temperature measurements, the thermometer doesn’t go below 32 degrees.
  • Some people have had their thermometer numbers start to fade out or they have to look at the display from an angle when it’s laying down.
  • Only one sensor can be connected to the thermometer. You have to buy 2 thermometers if you want to read the temperature in several locations and then their frequencies may interfere with each other.
  • A few people have complained that after awhile the sensor fails to transmit data to the thermometer or the sensor and thermometer won’t connect at all.
  • If there are too many obstructions between the sensor and the thermometer, despite how close they are, the sensor won’t transmit data to the thermometer.
  • The sensor may be water-resistant but it’s not waterproof. There’s no protection on the sensor against it getting wet, including where the batteries are placed.
  • The sensor seems to zap all the energy out of batteries too fast so you’re constantly replacing them.
  • This device does not include a humidity sensor nor does it monitor barometric pressure.

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The Bottom Line

As usual, AcuRite has put out a strong product that does what it’s supposed to do with pretty good accuracy. This AcuRite wireless thermometer is great to manage the temperature in your home or if you want to know the basics of the weather outside. This device is a decent deal for its’ price.