What’s the Point of a Smart WiFi Weather Station? Here are Some of Its Benefits

Technology evolves constantly as the 21st-century rages on, and with the addition of smart devices, many types of products have had to evolve with them. This is true of weather stations as it is of anything else technological that you can buy.

You may be asking yourself, though, “What’s the point of having a ‘smart’ weather station?” Today, we’re going to talk about why this type of technology can be useful for all weather-watchers and the benefits you can reap from having one. In the end, even the most staunchly anti-tech people may change their minds!

What do Smart WiFi weather stations do?

The first question you should ask is what this type of weather station does. The simple answer is that it does the same thing that any other device like this can do. It measures climate and weather conditions and transmits that data to you. However, it does even more than just that.

While others can transmit data to a console that you have to buy and stand within a short range of your sensor, Smart WiFi-enabled weather stations can transmit data to your phone, tablet, or computer.

Why transmit data to a smart device?

A weather station like this is made to give you data at the tip of your fingers. Just about everyone has their phone on them at all times, if not their tablet or computer. Most people now have smartphones like the iPhone or Google Pixel; this makes the weather station far more convenient than traditional models.

What are the benefits of having a Smart WiFi weather station?

There are so many reasons why a Smart WiFi weather station is a superior model to buy. Don’t believe us? Let’s talk about them in-depth.


Buying a separate display console and standing within a certain range of the weather station sensor is not entirely convenient for all people. While that may be something that you enjoy, most people prefer to be able to do it with a device that they already have.

Think about this: what do you have in your house right now? Is a weather station console compatible with this type of model or a smart device? The chances are that you’re reading this on your phone, tablet, or computer. The answer is simple.


Some weather watchers may suffer from severe injuries or disabilities. Walking outside to get climate measurements could be easy for you, but it’s not so easy for someone with a bad back or someone who is wheelchair-bound. A Smart WiFi weather station allows them to check the data without going beyond their capacity for movement.


Many handheld consoles that come with weather stations need batteries. This means that the batteries have to be replaced often. With smart devices, you simply plug them into the wall and let them charge up. You never even have to stop using them while you do so!

Sharing of Data

With many Smart WiFi weather stations, your station transmits the data collected to a network called Weather Underground. This allows everyone to get more accurate results and to analyze data collected all around the region. Sharing info is better for everyone when it comes to weather reports!

Setup Process

It is important to note that there is some assembly required with this weather station. You also require tools to put it together. It comes with the wrench, but you will also need a Philips head screwdriver and the required batteries.

During assembly, you must attach the weather vane, anemometer, and rainfall collector to the sensor with a few tightened down screws. You then need to install two AA batteries before deciding to mount the weather array to a pole with the included metal brackets. Depending on where it will be mounted, additional hardware may be required.


When it comes to performance, this weather station received high marks from users because of its remarkable job reporting indoor and outdoor weather conditions. As long as the sensors are placed in the proper locations, you will receive accurate and precise statistics.


Compared to other weather stations, you may find that this one comes at a generally good and affordable price while still providing you with the high-quality you would expect from a weather station. With this station, you are certainly getting a lot of value for the money you spend. It delivers connectivity as well as remote-monitoring features that are competitive when compared to more expensive weather station models.

The Best Smart WiFi Weather Station

Now that you know what weather stations of this type can offer you, you need to know where to get your hands on one. If you aren’t entirely convinced yet, you need to see what the Ambient Weather WS-2902B offers.

Ambient Weather Smart WiFi Weather Station Features

Ambient Weather Smart WiFi Weather Station Features

What it Measures

  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Rainfall
  • Indoor/outdoor temperature
  • Indoor/outdoor humidity levels
  • Solar radiation
  • UV index
  • Barometric pressure
  • Dew point
  • Wind chill
  • Heat index

This weather station collects data on just about any weather condition you could dream of. You likely will not find as comprehensive of a report in any other device, traditional or otherwise.

Additional Features

  • A private network that collects the data your weather station puts out. When you log in to this network, you can see all of the data that your weather station has collected and spot trends for your area.
  • Graphs. To better help you recognize these weather trends, graphs can be made of just about every facet of the weather reports transmitted.
  • Compatibility with Alexa. Alexa is a smart home device that obeys commands like, “Give me a song to listen to,” or more importantly, “Give me the weather report.” This weather station will help Alexa to give you real-time weather reports collected by your personal station.

The Ambient Weather Smart WiFi weather station does all of this and so much more, but we think you get the point.

All in all, smart devices are taking over every market, including weather stations. There’s no harm in buying one of these; they are functional, convenient, and beneficial to you in every way conceivable. What are you waiting for? Go check it out today.